What to Wear

Whatever you feel comfortable wearing is fine however for pole climbing and a lot of other pole tricks bare legs are needed for grip so shorts are the best to wear. A fitting t-shirt so as not to lift up while upside down is also recommended. Bare feet are fine but for extra leg muscle definition you are welcome to bring your high heels or boots along too. Please make sure you can walk in them safely.

We will also mention it again because safety is imperative, please do not have any oils or lotions on your skin as they prevent your from gripping the pole.

Warm ups are done at the start of each class so that we don’t sprain or strain muscles during the workout. .

It is not recommended that pregnant women do pole work, however if you are pregnant you can still attend strength and flexibility classes. Please consult your GP for further information. 

Pole Fitness Safety

Please ensure your arms and legs are not moisturizered as it prevents you from gripping the pole.