Pole dancing classes for fun fitness flexibility and even something a little bit cheeky, suits people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Recommended by InStyle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle magazine and many more as fitness at it’s best. Everyone from celebrities to yummy mummies – or new mummies returning to their yumminess use it to get fit, keep fit and stay fit.

Poleclass is the ultimate work out combining elements of yoga; pilates, dance and gymnastics to help snap your body into the best shape of its’ life. If you are tired of lifting weights at the gym or stepping up and down off a box or if it’s time for something to motivate you into the rest of your fitness week then this is it!

Poleclass provides classes in pole, pole conditioning, spinning pole, hula hoop, contortionism and body conditioning. We also sell X-Poles and will provide guidance to those who purchase in the local region.

Our space is also available for photo shoots and our cutting edge pole away system is the first in the southern hemisphere and allows for a pole free space. 



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